About us

We are a passionate VMIXERs with experience more than 15 years in Media Broadcast Industry , passionate experts in vMIX and Vmix production,we aim to produce highly professional animated xamls and graphics for vMIX users and community , helping thousands of vMIX users to more their production to the next level , we are not the only ones who produce such graphics , but we are the best regarding design , support and after sale support , we currently Based in LEBANON , aiming to spread worldwide , we do custom work for your production , TV production , experts in vMIX installation , TV station installations and integration for live broadcasting and streaming .

Also a little Disclaimer about us

VMIXERS.com and/or VMIXERs Facebook page and/or VMIXERs Facebook page and/or VMIXERs app are not related to vMIX and/or vmix.com or any products that are related to vMIX inc.

We do not sell or re-sell any vMIX software`s or products , we only design and sell animated xamls and graphics that can be used on vMIX software.

Best Regards